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Production and Delivery

Eunice Inc.

Every order is processed with a critical path to be on time. Time is allocated to each step for product inspection and quality control. Our clients are updated at every stage of production and play a key role in achieving our high quality standerds.
               We are constantly improving our efficiency. Our ambition to be competitive is essential in maintaining long term relationship with our clients. We stand by our work and guarantee first-class quality with each and every products.
We, at Eunice, believe in, and practice through professionalism. The combined experience of our teams in the private label, manufacturing and fabric industries are your assurance of superior quality, on-time delivery, and profitability. It is also the cornerstone of our future as a company.
                  We are confident that Eunice can service your private label needs, and we look forward to responding to any question or inquiries you many have.

2648 Chico Ave.
South El Monte,
CA 91733