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Eunice Inc.

Among the serices We can provide You are:

 Full Package FOB Los Angeles Program. We have two  factories in Los Angeles to serve you.

     CMT Program only

 Import services from our operation in China, Taiwan, and  HongKong.

     Large-volume manufacturing capabilities offshore: China, Taiwan, Mexico, Central American, and others.

 Co-labeling opportunities with DuPont.

     Volume driven Competitive pricing

 Service of fabrics sourcing if needed

     Silkscreen, embroidery and heat-transfer programs.

Gerber marker and grading systems

     Specialized technical equipment including: Flatseam, Elastic setting, Zipper setting.

AOL les than 2.5

      Automatic fabric inspection

Full QC department

      California Safety Compliance

Special Packing and Handling


2648 Chico Ave.
South El Monte,
CA 91733